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Motor Driver for Micro:Bit

Motor Driver for micro:bit is introduced as the latest edition of a range of SB Components that can interface with up to 2 DC motors and 3 pwm based Servo motors. It works on Motor Power supply: 6V~12V (VIN terminal) an output current of up to 3A with a powerful integrated TB6612FNG Module IC that scales up the performance. VIN terminal can be used for providing the power to the Motor driver for micro:bit.


  • Connect up to 2 DC motor and 3 servo motor simultaneously.
  • TB6612FNG Motor driver IC.
  • Comes with development resources and material
  • Onboard standard servo headers
  • Onboard multi connectors.

  • Specifications

  • Motor Power supply - 6V~12V (VIN terminal)
  • Servo motor voltage: 5V
  • OLogic voltage: 3.3V
  • Output current up to 3A
  • Microbit Motor Driver.
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    PIN Description
    Vcc Power (6~12V)
    GND Ground
    MA1 Positive Terminal of motor A
    MA2 Negative Terminal of motor A
    MB1 Positive Terminal of motor B
    MB2 Negative Terminal of motor B
    P0 Servo 1 Control Pin
    P1 Servo 2 Control Pin
    P2 Servo 3 Control Pin


    Drag and Drop

    Many people want to learn the process to learn more about micro:bit by getting an understanding of the potential of micro:bit. If one wants to run servo motor and DC motor with the micro:bit motor driver then they can do the following steps.

  • A user needs to connect the PWM servo motor to the connector(3 pin header) of the servo driver board, labeled as P0, P1, and P2 to connect up to 3 servo motors and up to 2 DC motors on the connector labeled as MA1, MA2 for motor 1 and MB1 and MB2 for motor 2.
  • Take micro:bit and stack it on the motor driver board’s edge connector.
  • Connect VIN and ground or the external power supply to the motor driver to provide power to it.
  • A user needs to switch on the slider switch of the motor driver.
  • To start a new project development using motor driver board, kindly visit
  • Start a new project by clicking on New Project tab, It will Open a Programming and Simulation Interface where you can write code , connect board and program it in 1 click.
  • A user needs to add an extension for SB motor driver via clicking on the tab Advanced >> Extensions and enter the mentioned URL below in search box.


  • Click on Search button after entering above url, Now look for the search result to add the extension to the project(current). makecode micro:bit

  • add_ext2_1.png

  • Control your servo motor and DC motor by motor driver Extension drag and drop blocks as shown in below example.

  • Microbit Motor driver code.PNG