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PI400 GPIO Adapter

Raspberry Pi GPIO Adapter is a new I/O expansion kit technological device built with 2 x 20 pins headers designed for Raspberry Pi 400. SB Components developed a Raspberry Pi GPIO header extension to provide a way to connect any type of HAT with Raspberry Pi 400.


  • Female Header Connector for Raspberry Pi 400
  • Male Header Connector for HAT
  • Easy to Interface
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 400
  • Compatible with any Raspberry Pi HAT/SHIELD


  • Connector - Female Header
  • Connector for HAT - Male Header
  • Compatible - Raspberry Pi 400
  • Compatibility - Any Raspberry Pi HAT/SHIELD
Pi400 gpio adapter
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  • Take Raspberry Pi 400 GPIO Adapter.
Pi400 gpio adapter ins1.png
  • Stack Raspberry Pi 400 GPIO Adapter on 40 pins Male GPIO header of Raspberry Pi 400 as shown in the picture below.

Pi400 gpio adapter ins2.png

  • Now you can connect any Raspberry Pi 40 pins compatible with the HAT, peripherals, and breadboard circuits as shown in the below image.

Pi400 gpio adapter ins3.png