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Pico 2 Channel Expander

The Pico 2CH Expander is an I/O Expansion board for the Raspberry Pi Pico that allows it to increase its engagement via two dedicated GPIO pins for the HAT or Shield. Pico 2 CH Expander is specifically designed to function as a GPIO extender, featuring two sets of two x 20 pin headers for use with HATs or Breadboards.


  • Standard 40 Pin Raspberry Pi Pico connectivity for easy and effective connections
  • 2 Sets of 2 x 20 Headers, for Multi HAT connectivity
  • Clear and Descriptive Pin labels for better understanding of connection points


  • Connector for HAT - Male Header Pins
  • Compatibility - Any Raspberry Pi Pico HAT/Shield
Pico 2CH Expander
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  • Take Raspberry Pi Pico 2 CH Expander.
Pico 2ch exp ins1.png
  • Stack Raspberry Pi Pico on 40 pins female header of Raspberry PiPico 2 CH Expander as shown in the picture below.

Pico 2ch exp ins2.png

  • Now you can connect any Pico compatible HAT’s or peripherals or breadboard circuits with the Raspberry Pi Pico 2 CH Expander.

Pico 2ch exp ins3.png

Note: In the case of utilization of HAT, the USB mark of the HAT should be aligned with the Pico 2 CH Expander.