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Pico Cube

Pico Cube is a 4x4x4 LED cube HAT for Raspberry Pi Pico with 5V DC operating voltage. Pico cube, a monochromatic( Red, Blue, Green) with 64 LED, is a fun way to learn programming. It is designed to perform incandescent operations with low energy consumptions, robust outlook, and easy installation that make people/kids/users learn the effects of LED lights with a different pattern of colours via the combination of software and hardware i.e. Raspberry Pi Pico.


  • Standard 40 Pins Raspberry Pi Pico Header
  • GPIO Based Communication
  • 64 High-Intensity Monochromatic LED
  • Individual LED access
  • Each Layer Access


  • Operating Voltage - 5V
  • Colors - Red/Green/Blue
  • Communication - GPIO
  • LED - 64
Pico Cube
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  • Stack Raspberry Pi Pico on the female header of Pico cube.
  • Connect USB cable on Raspberry Pi Pico USB port.
  • Choose interpreter as MicroPython (Raspberry Pi Pico).


  • Download Pico Cube repository from the below link:

Source code: https://github.com/sbcshop/PICO-CUBE

  • Open "demo.py" from the downloaded repository of Pico Cube in Thonny IDE and Click on the Green play button to run the code.

It will run a different LED pattern on Pico Cube. You can also modify this code to put your own creativity.