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Round LCD HAT is a 1.28-inch display expansion board module of 240×240 resolution, 65K RGB colors, clear and colorful displaying effect, with a joystick, designed for Raspberry Pi to expand its engagement via SPI communication by providing standard 40 pins GPIO interface. The Round LCD HAT comes with an embedded GC9A01 Driver and SPI Interface that minimize the required IO pins. It is designed with a 5-input Joystick that will be internally connected to the Round LCD HAT via a stackable GPIO connector header.


  • 240 x 240 Resolution
  • 32.4mm Diameter
  • IPS Display Panel
  • GC9A01 Driver
  • Raspberry Pi series compatibility
  • 4-wire SPI Communication
  • Standard Raspberry Pi 40 Pins GPIO
  • 4 directions + attached band Central press button Joystick Control

  • Specifications

  • Operating Voltage - 3.3 V
  • Pixel Size - 0.135 × 0.135mm
  • Board Dimension - 56mm × 65mm
  • Pixels - 240×240 resolution
  • Display Colour - 65K RGB
  • Driver - GC9A01
  • Pico 1.14 LCD HAT
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    Round-lcd-pinmap.png Round lcd hat pinout.PNG



    • Open a terminal and run the following commands to enable SPI:
    sudo raspi-config
    • Choose Interfacing Options -> SPI -> Yes
    • You can also use GUI method to enable SPI Go to Menu > Preferences > Raspberry Pi Configuration > Interfaces, and enable SPI

    Spi en gui.png

    • Stack Round LCD HAT on top of Raspberry Pi GPIO Header pins.
    • Make Sure SPI is Enabled (As mentioned above)
    • Now clone Round LCD HAT Github repository by running below command in terminal
    git clone
    • Enter dowloaded directory
    cd Round-LCD-HAT
    • Now run by running below command.
    • You can also run "" file to display the image and change the color of the arc using the attached 5 input joystick.