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USB Fingerprint

USB Fingerprint board is a board comprise of an onboard Nuvoton MCU with an on-chip crypto-accelerator, Cortex-M23 TrustZone, and XOM facilities in a USB form-factor. A user can use the USB Fingerprint board with a PC or micro-controller with the Baud rate of 9600 bps or USB 2.0 full speed over the serial UART interface.


  • USB / UART Interface
  • Capacitive Contact Technology
  • On Chip-Crypto Accelerator
  • High-Speed UART Interface
  • Register up to 24 Fingerprints
  • Nuvoton MCU
  • Cortex-M23 Trust zone
  • High-performance fingerprint algorithm
  • Register at most 24 fingerprints
  • High comparison speed
  • Matching mode 1:1; 1:N


  • Sensor - Capacitive Chip Sensor
  • Active sensing area - 8.8 x 8.8 mm
  • Scanning speed - 25 Frame/ sec
  • Image resolution - 508dpi
  • Gray level - 8 bits/pixel, max 256 grayscales
  • Image ratio to width - 1:1
  • Operating Temperature - (20 ~ 60 ℃)
  • Operating humidity - 0 ~ 90% Non-Condense
  • Matching Mode - 1:1; 1:N
  • Sensor Coating surface color - Black Matte
USB Fingerprint
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Raspberry Pi

  • Enable Serial Interface for Raspberry Pi (Not required in case of windows)
  • Open a terminal and run the following commands to enable I2C and Serial:
sudo raspi-config
  • Choose Interfacing Options -> Serial->

Set "would you like a login shell to be accessible over serial?" --> No

Would you like a login shell to be accessible over serial.png

Set "would you like the serial port hardware to be enabled?" --> Yes

Would you like the serial port hardware to be enabled.png

  • Install required dependency by running the below command
sudo apt-get install python3-pil python3-pil.imagetk

Python3 pil imagetk.png

  • Connect usb fingerprint on raspberry Pi usb port.
  • Now open terminal and run the below command to download/ clone usb fingerprint repository
git clone

Git clone USB Fingerprint.png

(It will clone the repository inside home/pi location.)

  • Enter downloaded repository location by typing below command.
cd USB-Fingerprint
  • Now start the GUI of USB fingerprint by running the below command.

Fingerprint GUI.png

  • Type COM port and Baud Rate as ( default is 9600) from above GUI ("/dev/ttyACM0" in case of default connection), and click on connect button to start communication with fingerprint sensor.

Connect usb fingerprint.png

Note: In case of error while opening the COM port run the below command to check connected devices on USB port.(connect and remove to check it)

ls -l /dev/tty*

COM port search.PNG

GUI Features
  • Compare Fingerprint - Option to Compare registered Fingerprint.
  • Add Fingerprint - Add New Fingerprint, will assign an ID for each successful registration.
  • Remove Fingerprint ( By ID) - Remove registered Fingerprint for a specific ID.
  • Remove All Fingerprint (Registered) - Remove all saved fingerprints in a single click.