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Pico 3V Relay HAT

Pico 3V Relay HAT is a Two-Channel high-quality relay with the Switching Voltage(VAC) up to 2A/ 120V(Max), Switching Voltage(VDC) up to 2A/ 24V(Max), and an operating voltage of 3.3V. It comes with a Female Pin Header, to easily connect with Raspberry Pi Pico via effortless stacking.


  • Two High-Quality Relays with switching voltage 2A/ 120V(Max), Switching Voltage(VDC) up to 2A/ 24V(Max).
  • 40 Pins Standard Raspberry Pi Pico header.
  • Stackable design for easy interfacing with Raspberry Pi Pico.
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi Pico.
  • Indication LED for relay on/off status.

  • Specifications

  • Channel - 2 CH
  • Operating Voltage - 3.3V
  • Switching Voltage (VAC) - 2A/ 120V
  • Switching Voltage(VDC) - 2A/ 24V
  • Dimensions - 21mm x 51 mm
  • Pico 3v Relay HAT
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    Pico 3v Relay Pinout.png
    3V Relay HAT PICO Pins
    VCC 3V3
    RELAY 1 GP6
    RELAY 2 GP7



  • Stack Raspberry Pi Pico on female header of Pico 3V Relay HAT.
  • Connect USB cable on Raspberry Pi Pico USB port.
  • Open Thonny IDE and Choose interpreter as MicroPython (Raspberry Pi pico).
  • Thonny-interpreter.PNG

  • Now use example code "test.py" from Pico 3V Relay HAT's github repository in thonny ide.
  • Source code : https://github.com/sbcshop/Pico-3V-Relay-HAT

  • Copy and paste code in thonny ide.
  • Pico 3v relay thonny.PNG

  • Click on green play button to run example of Pico 3V Relay HAT.
  • Thonny play.PNG