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RFID Expansion for Micro:Bit

RFID Expansion for Micro:bit is an RFID device with an updated UART interface running at the frequency of 125KHz, Programmable Buzzer, two Dedicated slots for Servo Motor Interfacing, USB power port, and a compact design that compatibles with all the variants of Micro:bit, V1 and V2 both. It is developed with an expansion header to connect the RFID module with Micro:bit via easy stacking.


  • Standard RFID Expansion for Micro:bit
  • Two Dedicated slots for Servo Motor Interfacing
  • Programmable Buzzer
  • Power and card LED indicator
  • Comes with development resources and material
  • USB power port to provide power to RFID module and Micro:bit

  • Specifications

  • Operating Voltage - 5V
  • Operating Frequency - 125 kHz
  • Communication Interface - External Pins ( GPIO and Power Pins)
  • Default Baud Rate - 9600 bps
  • Dimensions - 55.82 x 68 mm
  • Microbit RFID Expansion.
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    Expansion Pins Micro:Bit Pins
    RFID TX P1
    SERVO 1 P2
    SERVO 2 P16


    Drag and Drop

    Source code link : https://github.com/sbcshop/RFID-Expansion-For-Microbit/

  • Attach Micro:bit on stackable connector of RFID Expansion of Microbit as shown below.
  • Microbit rfid expansion.png

  • Visit official programming website of Micro:Bit https://makecode.microbit.org/
  • Now Create a new project by clicking on "New project" tab and enter the name of your project.
  • makecode_microbit.PNG

  • Now drag and drop the block as shown in the image below and click on the download button to download it on your Microbit.
  • microbit-rfid.PNG

  • Tap RFID card, Keyfob, or Tag on RFID receiver to show 12 digits unique id of the card on the led matrix of Microbit.
  • Alternate Method

  • You can directly drag and drop test.hex file to Microbit to run the above said program and Tap card/Tag to display their unique id on led matrix.